CFNM and What it is all about!

CFNM is a commonly practiced by dominant women and submissive men. In some variations, the nude man may be "tortured" (via methods such as whipping, cock and ball torture or anal penetration via a strap-on dildo); in others, he may be teased or forced to gratify one or more females but denied sexual release himself. It is also common for a Domme to have her submissive or slave perform house work or wait on her and other females while she and her friends remained clothed, but the male is naked. The naked male may also wear a collar, be kept in a chastity device, be free of body hair or have humiliating words or phrases written on his body while naked.The types of clothes worn by the Domme around a naked submissive man vary. Usually, in female domination erotica or pornography, she will be dressed as a stunning dominatrix in fetish clothes, while in real life, the Domme is more likely to simply wear ordinary clothes while her submissive or slave is naked.

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