How did you first get into CFNM? Was there a single incident that hooked you for life? I’m asked these questions a lot. The answer to the second one is a resounding yes. The answer to the first one is … well, read on.

It happened one rainy summer when I was in my teens. That holiday, I spent most of my time idling around the shops with my best friend Jessica, but every now and then we’d run into a boy called Steve. (All names changed, of course.)

Steve was one of those cocky, precocious types. I’m not sure how far his experience extended, but he always pretended to know more about sex than anyone else. His chatter was full of obscure references to outré sexual positions and fetishes. Depending on his mood, he could be annoying or charming, but he was always provocative.

On that particular afternoon, Steve was with a friend called George. They were about to rent a movie and watch it at George’s house, on his parents’ gigantic TV. As it was yet another wet afternoon in what was turning out to be a real washout of a summer, we agreed to tag along. It proved to be a painless way of killing a few hours. The movie wasn’t that great, but the wraparound sofa in George’s parents’ sweeping lounge was super comfortable, and we had soft drinks and popcorn to sweeten things still further.

Once the movie ended, Steve suggested a quiz. I immediately smelt a rat. Steve was always trying to lure girls into playing strip poker, or other games that might result in the shedding of clothes. But surely he knew how little chance he stood with me? I had the rep of being exceedingly prim and proper. Did he seriously think he could break through my reserve with a movie and a can of Diet Coke? As for Jessica, no way would she fall for anything like that – even loaded up on sugar, she was a bit of an ice queen.

But no, Steve had a slightly different plan. He proposed that we split into boy-girl groups, me and him, George and Jessica. The girls would answer questions and, if they got them wrong, the boys would have to remove an item of clothing.

How or why he came up with the idea I’ll never know. Maybe he’d been reading about CFNM in his nightly trawls of Internet porn sites, and liked the sound of it. Maybe he thought (mistakenly) that if the boys got naked, there was every chance we would follow. Maybe he was bored and he just wanted someone, anyone to get naked.

Whatever his motives, I fell in love with the idea the minute it escaped his lips, although I was careful not to show it. I turned to Jessica with a doubtful shrug, while my insides churned at this proposal which seemed to chime with secret fantasies I’d been having for years. Jessica wasn’t too sure, being very distrusting of boys, but in the end we gave our permission for the game to begin.

So George dug out some stupid quiz book, and we played, making sure we got all the answers wrong, and the boys did indeed get naked. Sorry to leave you hanging, but I’m not going to describe this in any detail, because, hey, we were underage. But that was it. My First Time. Jessica laughed hysterically throughout the whole thing and then seemed to forget about it instantly, while the same experience stayed with me until this very day.