A Newcomer to the Group

Between shows there’s a lot of free time, so boredom causes us to play pranks on one another.

We are on the road for the next six days, joining us is our new singer Steve. It’s very easy getting to know a person quite well in a very short period when spending so much time together. After only a single day we all discover that Steve, seems to be what we would call, “a bit of winer”, complain is all that he does. However, we have ways of dealing with such people!

The second day of the trip turns out to be where all the fun starts, no sooner after waking the next morning after what was a very busy show the night before, Steve awakes to tell us all, he’s got a sore throat, “Ahhhh”, we all say! We are all very keen on health foods and natural medicines and keen to introduce Steve to a whole new way of life, so, a few of us pop to the local health shop to get a hold of something to ease the discomfort before heading to the next show. Asking the lady in the shop for throat sweets she direct us to them, picking up a packet we all notice on another shelf a few other items so we buy them too.

Once back at the van we hand Steve a some of the medicine that was just purchased telling him to suck it until it dissolves. We’ll keep the rest safe in the locker box we tell him. The next day we ask Steve if he’s feeling better? “Not really”, he moans again. He says, my throat is the same and now I have a bad stomach. We hand him more of the natural medicine to help him along. The next day he’s still complaining of being unwell, bad throat and now also diarrhea! The rest of the lads decide to keep well away from him. Over the next day his condition deteriorates and so does our fondness towards him. You see, there is only so much complaining you can take from a person in such close proximity all the time, either they fit in, or they don’t, it’s as simple as that.

The illness and diarrhea continued gradually getting worse, looking quite pale and run down by the end of the tour we were all very happy to get home, especially Steve. Once back his condition cleared up almost over night, and he was keen to tell us all he was once again feeling great. We told him that the medicine must have finally done it’s work.

To let you all into a little secret that you might have guessed… the medicine we were feeding him for that sore throat, was infact a mild natural laxative! Don’t worry we didn’t overdose him, we fed him just enough to keep him on his toes. After all he’s not the first one we have done this to, we have had plenty of practise with whiners.

What to Wear to a CFNM Party

No, folks, it’s not a trick question. For the guys, of course the answer is simple – a squirt of spray-tan and a dash of cologne should suffice. For girls, though, they are various options, each with its own appeal.

Dressing down – a skimpy outfit, perhaps even a bikini, showing plenty of well-toned flesh but still within the bounds of modesty. The advantage of this approach is that it gets the guys really stirred up and gives them that tantalising so-close-and-yet-so-far feeling. If you want to make a powerful first impression and see erections popping out wherever you turn, this could be the option to go for.

Going fetish. Depending on the note you want to strike, again there are various options. If you’re a girl with a sadistic streak, then black leather and fishnet stockings accentuate the femdom aspect of CFNM. Wear a pair of sleek long boots to a CFNM event, and you’ll soon find several naked guys sniffing around them, eager to give them a polish. Alternatively, you might slant your outfit towards some other kind of costume – perhaps hints of the naughty schoolgirl look, if teasing older guys is your bag.

Dressing casual. The I-just-don’t-care, girl next door look. Skinny jeans and a long-sleeved tee and a look of surly indifference will give the guys the impression that you expect male nudity as your due.

Dressing up. Nothing makes a guy feel more naked than the sight of a girl in a cute, floaty little frock. A figure-hugging shape with plenty of skin coverage is the best of both worlds. Watch them idolize your ladylike appearance from afar, then sigh with pleasure as your brush the silky fabric against their bare skin.

No-nos. Nip-slips, gauzy transparent tops and flashing the cat should be avoided at all costs. It might not seem like much at the time, but just so much as the glimpse of the edge of an aureole can deflate that special, heady CFNM magic.

Needless to say, what you wear will also depend on the exact nature of the occasion (tea party, club-event, house or pool party) but there’s no doubt that the ladies’ sartorial choices can have a great influence on the success, and sexiness, of a CFNM event.

CFNM – It’s Natural

Some people find CFNM a completely topsy-turvy fetish. According to them, everything’s the wrong way round. Girls are (generally) prettier than guys, so surely it’s the girls who should be shedding their clothes, their nakedness the centre of attention? Right? What sane guy would want some knockout chick to stay dressed from head to foot, and take the role of parading around in the nude upon himself?

Actually, a huge part of the appeal of CFNM lies precisely in that flipping of expectations. For girls, it can be wonderful to escape being the centre of attention, to become the voyeur rather than the exhibitionist. And vice versa for guys.

But men and women also have a very different attitude to the clothes they wear. For men, their suits, shirts and jackets are practical, social, they help to impress, to ward off the elements, to disguise flaws. But when it comes to sex, sensuality, intimacy – then they are little more than an impediment. By stripping down, a man makes a statement that he is relaxed, off his guard, approachable.

While women use clothes in some of the same ways, ultimately their relationship with their wardrobes is much more all-encompassing. Clothes aren’t just about projecting an image for the outside world. They’re also about weaving fantasies, creating a special magic, especially inside the boudoir.

This fantasy can be just as powerful for the man as for the woman, especially when he is nude. Nudity is his entrance ticket to her fantasy world – a price well-worth paying. Without the distraction of his own apparel, he can fully absorb the loveliness of her clothed body and, if he is fortunate, get to feel her silk, chiffon and lace on his own bare skin.

So take your clothes off, you lucky boys.

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