The Perfect NM

When it comes to boyfriends, I’m as finicky as any girl. Broad shoulders, narrow waist, long legs. Confident but not arrogant. Funny but not a flake. The list of prerequisites goes on …

But CFNM makes me see men in a completely different light. A guy doesn’t have to be an Adonis for me to find him sexy. He can be middle-aged, or under-endowed, or have love-handles and little wobbly man-tits. I don’t mind if he’s short or going bald. As long as he’s well-scrubbed and not too much of a woolly-back, almost any guy can turn me on.

There’s but one requirement: he has to be really, really, really into CFNM. That means he has to love exposing every inch of himself to any girl who’s interested. He also has to embrace the idea that, while she’ll get to explore his every nook and cranny, he’ll be lucky if he sees past her knees. In addition, just because she deigns, out of the kindness of her heart, to run her lovely eyes over his quivering bare skin, and perhaps weigh his balls with her glossy-nailed fingers, he shouldn’t take this as a come on: his balls are in the hands of a lady, and he should treat her with respect and courtliness.

This power to make almost any guy sexy (at least to me – maybe other girls feel differently) is one of the things I love most about CFNM. It’s part of its relaxed, high-spirited quality. And what works for NMs also works for CFs. Girls, you don’t have to be gorgeous 19-year-old with big boobs and a perfect figure to get men to drop trou. You can be the neighbour’s wife, you can be a grandmother. If you’re female, there will be guys who’ll just adore getting their kit off for you. Including ones with broad shoulders, narrow waists and long legs …

New Years Blues

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again, broken resolutions, too much eaten over the holiday season… well we’re here to give you a break and help you relax again. Christmas – and any holiday season for that matter – can be a very stressful time. Have you remembered presents for everybody, the presents you have bought you worry about if the recipient will like them. Is everything ready for the big day including lunch? The list is endless…

Then after all that you let go at new years celebrations and drink far too much.

Well, now is the time to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself watching others getting drunk – and probably big hangovers – at CFNM parties all over the UK and in Europe. ExtremeCFNM has a great selection of some of the best and real CFNM action you are likely to see. If you don’t believe us then check out our free tour.

We hope that you all have a fun filled prosperous new year and keep on enjoying CFNM!


This time of year, I always find myself daydreaming about the perfect Christmas – the perfect CFNM Christmas, of course.

In reality, I’ll be spending it with the folks, so there won’t be much time for indulging beloved fetishes. All the same, I can’t help picturing the sorts of things a devoted CFNM couple might get up to.

For a start, they could send out CFNM-themed Christmas cards to all their pals. Images could include a guys versus girls snowball fight, with the girls in cute bobble hats and mittens and the guys naked, ice crystals clinging to their bare skin. Or CFNM Santa, naked apart from his fur-trimmed hat and curly white beard. Or CFNM carol-singers.

And in the run-up to Christmas they could have fun sourcing CFNM-themed presents for each other.

If you’re a guy looking for a kinky festive gift for your girlfriend or spouse, why not get her a selection of body paints so she can decorate your naked flesh with festive motifs? Or a cute little nurse outfit so she can give you a seasonal check-up? Or, if you’re ready to take that next step into submissive maledom, why not treat her to a strap-on? Few things put a smile on a girl’s face like 9 inches of realistically moulded silicone rubber – unless it’s 12 inches. They’re cheaper than jewellery, perfume, handbags or shoes, but, if you opt for a vibrating one, remember to lay in extra batteries.

Girls, you might get your guy some bronzer to lend a healthy golden glow to his unclothed bod. Or why not look into buying him some cock and ball bling? If you’re after a present of timeless simplicity, there’s the traditional Prince Albert cock ring, but far more complicated arrangements are available too – for example, if the man in your life tends to get over-excited at Christmas, you might consider keeping him in check with a stainless steel urethral plug.

Yes, I can just picture the ideal CFNM couple, playing with their presents beside a roaring fire. And if the girl doesn’t like what the guy got her, she can also roast some chestnuts instead.

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