Some of you might know that I’m quite partial to a bit of little dick. Why? Well, for starters, if a male only has a tiny little bobbin to show, it ramps up the humiliation, the smiles and laughter, the transfer of power from guy to girl, taking the whole principle of CFNM to its logical conclusion. I also happen to be fond of anything miniature. Plus you have to admire the “I haven’t got it but I’m going to flaunt it anyway” attitude.

Needless to say, those handsome studs at ExtremeCFNM offer only the biggest, chunkiest, hardest dicks. And no hetero lady in her right mind is going to turn up her nose at a pair of strong thighs, a set of rippling abs and, somewhere in the middle, a length of prime flesh soaring in defiance of gravity. But my point is, a dick doesn’t necessarily have to be big and hard to give pleasure to a girl. A small dick can be cute and funny. And a detumescent dick can also be very sensuous in its own right.

Picture a guy sprawled naked on a bed, relaxed, asleep. Reclining next to him, a girl in lingerie. She’s awake, her eyes drawn to the soft penis slumbering on the man’s thigh. Snuggling next to him, she rests her cheek on his lap. Nuzzling closer, she brushes her pretty nose and lips against his cock, enjoying its warmth, its silkiness, its subtle tremors of life. She kisses it, then pokes out her tongue, and finally it stirs playfully, waking, poking her back. A floppy, flaccid dick is a playmate, something to cuddle up to and joke around with, and it’s full of the promise of future excitements.

Not all dicks are equal. Some are big and flashy, the celebs of the dick world. Some are quirky comedy dicks. Others are shy and in danger of being overlooked. But whether hard or soft, big or small, any dick is worth at least a second look.